Internet Marketing Advice: Your List For A Craigslist Clickable Banner

I wanted to share some great internet marketing advice given to me was to start posting ads on craigslist.

What is Craigslist some of you may ask? Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities that features free online advertisements and the site gets about twenty billion site views a month.

For the Internet marketer this means he or she can post ads there with links back to a capture page or an offer he or she is an affiliate and with some good copy write gain some good traffic.

The possibilities are almost endless with some creativity and maybe the right internet marketing advice.

That leads me to this post. Sure we could post a clever post on Craigslist and worry about every little word and detail straining to come up with the right words.

Or the internet marketing advice I want to share here is how about creating an clickable ad using an image of your choosing and only having to worry about a clever title.

It can be done pretty simply this is the list you will need:

1. An Image (The copy of a company banner or something you feel is relevant)

2. A domain you can host the image on.

3. An FTP software such as Filezilla

4. A snippet of HTML code that I can’t show here

5. A Craigslist account (maybe this should have been #1)

6. About 15-30 minutes free time

This may seem like a pretty comprehensive list but it’s really not that difficult. With the internet marketing advice I am giving you can get it done.

Here it is in a nutshell. Host your image on your domain using the ftp. Log in to Craigslist and click on Post Classified scroll down to services offered click then scroll to small biz ad and click.

Once your there copy and paste the HTML code I will provide in the links below in the description body change the x’s to the URL you want someone redirected to. Change the y’s to the location where the image is hosted.

Fill in the ad description. At this point the internet marketing advice I would give is use something that appeals to people and maybe include the words click the image below.