Basics Of Internet Marketing 101

Internet marketing is the process of leveraging the power of the internet to market products or services. Internet marketing may seem overwhelming when you first get started, so it would really help to breakdown the process into five steps. This article will show you how to get started in internet marketing step-by-step.Step 1: Decide how you intend to make money on the InternetStart by conducting a detailed research and determine what product or service you’re going to promote. With that in mind, identify your niche or a position that’s particularly well-suited to your business that has very little competition but a high demand for your product or service. This helps ensure that your business will be successful and profitable in the first few months.Step 2: Product CreationWhen you’ve identified the niche, the next step is to create the product. The product could be an electronic product such as an e-book or downloadable software, a service or physical product that you can ship to the customer once they purchase the product. It is crucial to set-up payment options at this stage. Decide whether you want to use PayPal or electronic check.Step 3: Website DesignSince you’re setting up an online business, the next step will be to develop the website for your online business. If you don’t have any website design experience, you might consider outsourcing the services of a website developer. But before design commences, you have to register a domain name for your internet business. The ideal way to do this is by including the product or business name in the domain name. While the website is being developed, it is necessary to optimized it for visibility in the search engines through search engine optimization.Step 4: Position yourself as the Industry ExpertYou can establish yourself as the industry expert by creating internet content that is of value to your target market. Article marketing sites will enable you to write informative articles that have a link back to your website, while they host and distribute it for you.To be an industry expert, you must be knowledgeable about the industry and have strong writing skills. You can create the content yourself so you won’t have to pay for it, or outsource the writing.Step 5: Social NetworkingIf you enjoy meeting people and sharing ideas, then social networking is a great option for you. Social networking also provides your website with a backlink that may boost its rankings in the search engine results pages. Some of the most popular social networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. The biggest advantage of social networking is that, it is free and also enables you to find potential clients and partners for your business.As you move forward with your internet marketing career, it is important to take a look at your skills, interest and budget, and focus only on the areas you’re knowledgeable about. Before you know it, you’ll be an internet marketing professional.